ViewSonic was founded in 1987 and quickly became a key player in the visual display market, driven by the belief that displays have the power to transform everyday lifestyles. ViewSonic has been a market leader with some of the latest visual technologies on the market for more than two and a half decades. We have more than 30 offices around the world and our products are sold in more than 125 countries. We have maintained our market dominance thanks to our commitment to quality, innovation and partnerships.

Today, ViewSonic is leading in user connectivity and sharing with versatile product lines of LED monitors, touch displays, projectors, large-format displays and virtual desktops. Always looking forward, we are dedicated to providing our customers and partners with complete, intelligent, interactive and integrated solutions that best meet their computing needs.


See the Difference - A Tradition of Excellence

Our fundamental business philosophy is to offer an outstanding user experience to our customers, one that exceeds expectations. We want everybody to “See the Difference” that ViewSonic offers. To do this, we partner with the largest brands and the best technology providers to provide intelligent and innovative visual solutions for both businesses and consumers.


Mission & Core Value

Our Mission

ViewSonic’s mission is to be the preferred global brand of visual solution products as we continue to focus on display-centric offerings that include LED monitors, touch displays, projectors, large format displays and virtual desktops. ViewSonic continues to pioneer visual technology innovations and build a connected and far-reaching digital future.


Core Values

  1. Customer Focus: We exceed our customers’ expectations by providing superior products, customer service and industry knowledge.
  2. Integrity: We are committed to honesty and fairness in everything we do.
  3. Entrepreneurial Spirit: We take the initiative, encourage innovation, set challenging goals and pursue new ideas.
  4. Teamwork: Our success depends on teamwork, information sharing, operational support and mutual goals.
  5. Employee Partnership: We attract and retain talented employee-partners by providing them the opportunity to develop skills, experience success and enjoy the rewards that follow.
  6. Corporate Citizenship: We are committed to providing a substantial contribution to the community by conducting business with integrity and providing rewarding jobs.


Partnerships and Technology

Channel Partners and Customers

ViewSonic is committed to building partnerships that drive growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. With a worldwide network of distributors, resellers and customers that include some of the world’s most well-known brands, we’ve worked hard to earn the loyalty and respect of those with whom we do business.


Technology that Makes a Difference

Working with the industry’s most advanced technology providers, ViewSonic continues to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet market demands and deliver on our brand promise. ViewSonic empowers a wide range of users in educational, medical and government institutions, as well as those from luxury hotels, casino chains, cruise ships and other market segments.


Award-Winning Products and Services

ViewSonic’s unwavering commitment to quality, reliability and performance is rewarded time and time again with awards and recognition from industry experts. We’ve been honored with over 3,000 awards globally for both our products and services. These awards reflect our commitment to being a driving force in visual display technology development.


Our Green Commitment

ViewSonic respects the environment and is dedicated to managing and minimizing the use of materials that may damage the earth’s ecology. ViewSonic has committed to being an industry pioneer by carrying out a complete green overhaul of our displays, from CCFL-backlit models to LED-backlit ones, in 2011. As a RoHS-compliant and ISO 14001:2004-certified organization, ViewSonic firmly adheres to environmental legislation and regulations. We are committed to developing green products, emphasizing recycling and waste reduction, and training our employee-partners to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.